SHOW: Scrubs (ugh i love the old season better), Melissa & Joey (typically known as Mel Burke & Joe Longo)
BOOKS: "Quiet"
MUSIC: 30 Seconds to Mars, Justin Timberlake, Paramore

I am on semi-hiatus.
IRL: I need more sleep. Or a long break from everything. I NEED REST THAT'S IT.
WORK: Back from Sydney, but I'll be away visiting my hometown! See you in a week! :)
extra shiz

Can we just appreciate that sense of togetherness and team spirit? ; w ;

I mean guys, it was originally a three-man-team’s dream, and now it’s everyone’s goal.

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    I love this part in the manga. brought tears to my eyes. :)
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    can i just point out Sena’s signature like just look at that fucking calligraphy its beautiful
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